We walk alongside our clients on their journey through the world of art. We make the living space of our clients, their loved ones and their colleagues nicer and more valuable. We represent our clients‘ interests when dealing with gallerists, collectors or artists. We define the strategies of art collections, create and manage them. We are a partner in promoting art, philanthropy and patronage in this area.



Our clients are among the outstandingly successful individuals who have the possibility to think about their property and its development in a wider, systematic and long-term context. This includes creation of collections of varying scope and focus. Collections usually start as aesthetic improvement of residences and often end up as large investment tools. Whatever the case, it is family property which, like any other property, deserves systematic care.


We create and subsequently implement collection strategies so that they correspond with aesthetics, personality profiles, investment plans and horizons, and respect the client’s attitude to investment risk. 

We represent our clients‘ interests when dealing with gallerists, collectors or artists. We monitor tax efficiency and pay close attention to controlled handover to future generations with regard to preserving the value but also to the original intention of the founder of the collection. If necessary, we oversee efficient and discreet sale of the collection.

We are honoured to support our clients in the preparation and implementation of their patronage and philanthropic projects. 


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For us, the author is a client, not a supplier. Together we define his goals. The services we provide are based on these goals - from professional management, which includes a comprehensive professional life of the author/artist, organizing exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, entering the foreign markets, publishing, PR, pricing, residencies (Czech Republic and abroad).

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In our view, the investor is also a supporter and patron of the arts, no matter to how large extent. This statement is truth especially for living authors. 

We offer or address individual cases, affairs, requirements as well as comprehensive services - in this case, active administration and management of collections. From acquisition, selling, storage, archiving, financial and legal consequences of works, education and pleasant experiences in general.

The whole process takes place under the professional guidance of top experts in the given fields.

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Artist support or support of project.

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We traditionally organize a sculpture festival in the "open-air gallery" of cities. This year is also held in other cities of the Czech Republic, but also abroad. It gives space to show the monumental works of Czech and world sculptors of the widest public. Makes cities more beautiful. It helps its participants not only to admire the beauty of artworks, but also to discover different nooks of cities, as well as places that are important to the festival's partners. All this is possible thanks to the patrons, the support of city management, the National Gallery, the Ministry of Culture and other institutions.



In the very centre of the city with a beautiful view of Prague, we present to our clients new works of our regular artists as well as “newcomers“ on the artistic scene. Top facilities together with unique culinary facility have made this area a sought after place for artists, individual visitors and companies. For them, we organize here educational and social events focused on working with art, creation of collections and investment in art.



Glass art. The phenomenon that was born in our country and then penetrated the world. Creating a glassmaking work is different than painting a picture. It's not just about talent, but also about physics, chemistry, manual skills. It is not only about how to create the right enamel, how to grab a whistle in a hand, create a form to grind, polish… and a special chapter is cooling. It is this complexity that results in much less high-end glass in the world than top-quality paintings, sculptures, photographs… which underlines its attractiveness.

Modern times bring fresh interiors that, thanks to their simplicity, luminosity and quality of lighting, were created for harmony with glass. We are gradually confirming that art glass is far from as fragile as it is wrongly said and that it can work very easily in everyday reality with our children and pets.