Ondřej Škarka

Ondřej Škarka

What is your professional background? 

Nearly twenty years of experience in business, marketing and communication, out of which 17 years in my own media, PR and communication companies.

What role did art play in your past? 

My mother was an artist. My parents had a positive attitude to artistic and generally original artefacts, which accompanied me throughout my childhood. As soon as my financial situation allowed it, I started to collect art, mostly contemporary art. A also actively dedicated myself to contemporary expressive dance.

Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to art?

I did not decide, it just happened and this relationship is constantly going on and developing. From the original need to surround myself with aesthetically interesting artefacts, I now want more and more to share this joy with others and to spread this enthusiasm. What fascinates me about art is not only its ability to positively cultivate the society but also stories of individual artists and their works.

Is there a continuity to your previous career?

Yes. In my case, these are various directions of marketing communication. To generally develop interest in contemporary art, stories of artists and their works. Another of my topics is interconnecting the world of business with the world of art, because the artist will not survive without success and art, on the other hand, significantly cultivates the world of business according to my experience.

What is your main role in the project?

Creating creative commercial and communication strategies. Searching for new partners and opportunities.

Why Art Lines?

Thanks to Art Lines, an absolutely original platform is being created which, thanks to its lines, makes it possible to embrace often a very abstract world of art in all its aspects.

Art Lines also allows for involvement of people with honest interest in this topic and, in its essence, in this way of life.