JOE MACHINE: FROM THE GUTTER TO THE STARS 30. 8. 2017 – 20. 11. 2017


The painter trusts his abilities, firmly drawing on the figural precedents of the British tradition, yet at the same time evolving this into his own new visual style – or maybe "styles" would be more appropriate, as, with every different theme and with every new collection of work, his painting style undergoes a correlated transformation, defining itself afresh. In this way, Machine confirms that art is a fundamental manifestation of the search for the reason of existence, a question he asks again and again. He fuses an unquenchable joy of discovering different languages of art with the cogency of a bold statement – languages that are as tangible as real life, that exist outside intellectual constructs, that excite through the contradiction of traditional forms with unexpected themes. His paintings cannot and will not deny his ancestry, in the same way he himself cannot and will not deny his reasons for painting. He lives to paint and through painting he lives – from hell to paradise!


Joe Machine (1973) is a founding member and leading artist of the figurative painting art group Stuckism established in 1999 by Charles Thomson and since then becoming an international movement of 240 groups in 50 countries with over 2500 artists. Among vivid supporters of Machine’s work is the world-renowned critic Edward Lucie-Smith, author of over 150 books (including Art Today) who has likened Machine to other remarkable self-taught British artists, such as Francis Bacon or William Blake. Joe Machine held many solo and group exhibitons in Great Britain as well as worldwide. He published several poetry collections and plays in a band focusing on distinctive renditions of sailor songs. This is his first solo show in Prague.

Gallery is open to public from Saturday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 6 pm. Private views upon request, via e-mail


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